We recently posted a confession from a pregnant woman. Anna wrote to us saying:

"I bought a lemonade from a man who started a conversation by saying I look ready to pop. Fine. I'm huge. I get it. Then, he asked if my turkey timer had popped. It took me a second to realize he was asking about my navel...


When is it ever OK to ask a stranger about their belly button..."

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We got several comments on our Facebook page with YOUR horror pregnancy stories. Here's our top 10 favorite horrendous, hilarious stories:

1. The Pillsbury Doughboy Poker

"During my second pregnancy I was craving subway for a few months. There was only one location that I could get to on my lunch break so I would go at least 3-4 times a week. There was a 'sandwich artist' that found a way to poke my belly every.single.time. I would strategically place my purse there, and find other ways to try and make my belly button unavailable, but he still found a way to 'pillsbury dough boy' me every visit. I have a wonderful trait of being too nice, as well as super awkward- so I could never find a way to stop it. It was so weird and uncomfortable, but I needed a veggie sandwich from subway like it was my job for a while." -Boaty McBoat

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2. What goes around comes around

"Anytime a stranger touched my belly, I touched theirs in return and just held eye contact. It's not less uncomfortable because a baby was in mine." -Hollis Archibold

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3. Poker face

"At eight months pregnant, I was on my way to the Labor and Delivery unit, where I worked as an RN. Some older woman commented about how much pregnant was I. My response was, 'I'm not pregnant, I am just fat!' She almost caved in on the elevator. I kept a straight face." -Patricia Handley Swanson

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4. It's not about you right now

"I was in labor at 36 weeks with our third daughter and I came home to grab my bags and husband and head to the hospital. He was lying on the driveway. Apparently, he had thrown his back out trying to install the car seat. I told him 'it's not about you right now, get in the car.'"- Cathie Germes Munsch

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5. You know what you're touching, right?

"A coworker of mine was constantly touching my belly without permission. One day I finally told her 'You know you're touching my uterus right?' That was the end of that." -Holly Flanagan

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6. Just trying to get some coffee

"While waiting for a drink at Starbucks, a lady told me that while she was giving birth she tore so bad that her husband now calls her 'mud flaps'.... just what a first time mom-to-be wants to hear at the 8 month mark." - Cenee LaTulippe

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7. Nope, not today

"One waitress at village inn tried to rub my belly. I smacked her hand away. 'That's not ok, you don't know me.... stay away' I didn't care what they said, I couldn't stand people trying to touch me." -Alma Kulenty

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8. I just want my jar of green olives

"I know this isn't rare, but mine was the older woman who commented on how brave I was to keep my baby, while we were in line at the grocery store. I must have looked very young, and my wedding ring didn't fit on my swollen finger, so I was wearing it on a chain around my neck. I told her, 'Yep. My husband is brave too. And we are both 22. Probably older than your mom when she had her first.' In hindsight, I probably could have been nicer, but I was 8 months pregnant and REALLY wanted to check out so I could eat my jar of green olives." - Kati Leigh Brown

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9. Watch yo' back

"When I was 35 and pregnant with my first son, someone in my doctor's office said I was high risk and I should watch my weight. I told her, I'm hormonal too and you should watch your back! Don't tell a pregnant woman anything about her weight. Only her doctor gets to do that." - Cecilia Freeman

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10. What pregnant women everywhere want to say

"WHAT is it about pregnancy that makes people forget about personal boundaries? Don't touch me, don't comment on how 'huge' or 'small' you think I am, or make comments about how I look tired. I know I'm huge and tired, I'm growing a human!" - Shae J. McGraw

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