3,355 miles.

It's the number of miles from Key West, Florida to Blaine, Washington. It's an arbitrary number to most people, but it's the number in one 11-year-old's march against diabetes.

Noah Barens is in Colorado now, but he won't be here for that much longer. Noah's destination is Blaine.

He's been walking across the country since the first day of this year.

"It's not the physical part of it that's the most challenging - it's the mental toughness that you have to have to do this," Robert Barens said. Robert Barens is Noah's dad.

Noah's dad laughed and shook his head when Noah first told him about his idea to walk across America.

"He was pretty persistent and I'm like...why would we want to do this?" Robert Barens said.

It's what Noah said next that changed his dad's heart.

"He looks me right in the eye and says, 'well don't you want me to be cured?'" Barens recalled. "It was like one of those moments in life, that you have to take a step back and say where are my priorities? What's really important?"

Noah was only 16-months-old when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He's lived with insulin shots most of his life.

"'I'm just a kid'...that's garbage," Robert Barens said. "Kids need to know that hey this is my time. They don't need to wait till they're adults. They can do it now and if you get the right people together and the right support and you get crazy enough parents...sure, you can cross America."

And so with the right support and crazy enough parents, Noah's March started in Key West, Florida on January 1, 2017. The march is to bring awareness and to spark conversations on diabetes.

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"Some days I feel better than other days," Noah said. "I'm just happy I'm trying to cure diabetes."

Noah will be the youngest person to walk across America when he completes his march. Noah and his family hope to reach Blaine, Washington by November.

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