It was a 20-second story on Next. You'd think we could get through it without an error, but you'd be wrong.

Earlier this week, we reported that a pet turtle deputies pulled from a car crash on Vail Pass was found "frozen," and later revived.

An expert reached out to us about that. His name is Elijah, and he is 7, and he saw our story when his mom and grandma showed him.

He came to 9NEWS to set Kyle straight. He says the turtle was not actually frozen.


"It was hibernating," he says. "I saw it on a documentary."

Elijah is clearly a smart guy. He stops to think about every question Kyle asks before answering, and he came prepared, surrounded by his stuffed animal turtles. Names for them are still a work in progress. We're told at least 11 of the stuffed animals aren't yet named.

Elijah worked for eight months on a school project about turtles, and he's researched them online and in books.

He told Kyle he didn't have a real turtle of his own, but he'd take any type of turtle for a pet, with one condition.

"A friendly tortoise," he explained. "When mating, (they can be mean). The tortoise could dry up, or the other male tortoise could kill the other male tortoise ... also, mating could look strange with tortoises, as well ... like sometimes, it's fighting, and then another male comes in and gets the female. For sea turtles, it's more like one male clings onto a female shell..."

Our interview with Elijah is in the video above. Safe to say he's our new favorite person.


And an update! Mom Melissa tweeted us today that they stopped after our interview to get Elijah a tortoise! His name is Francell. They suggested Kyle, but Elijah wasn't a fan.