One is a forensic psychologist who conducts evaluations of criminal offenders. The other is an anchor and reporter for some news station.

Both share a common love for cats.

Here's a conversation between Dr. Max Wachtel and Steve Staeger, talking about cats:

Steve Staeger: Talkin' about cats...with Dr. Max Wachtel

Dr.Max: We're both cat guys right?

Staeger: We're both cat guys. I have have?

Dr. Max: I have somewhere between zero and ten

Staeger: Just anywhere in that range? I guess I have between zero and five

Dr. Max: Okay, there you go. So you have one cat right now, right?

Staeger: Yes

Dr. Max: Your kitty is probably kinda lonely at home

Staeger: He is

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Dr. Max: We joke a lot about cats being antisocial, and they try and kill you in your sleep

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Dr. Max: We both love cats, and we know that's not the case and actually cats are much happier if they have a companion. If there's more than one cat around, you know they sleep in a little kitty's very cute and fluffy. And it does not cause them extra stress to have other cats nearby. They actually kind of like it

Staeger: It might cause me extra stress, though

Dr. Max: It definitely causes the human some extra stress. There's certainly some extra stress placed on the litter box. But the cats love it

Staeger: Really?

Dr. Max: Yeah and cats will- they will go so far as to ignore food in order to hang out with other cats or hang out with their favorite human. Cats really like their human

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Staeger: So basically what you're saying is, never have a solo cat?

Dr. Max: Never have a solo cat. You should always have somewhere between two and ten cats

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Staeger: Then you might run into a problem at some point

Dr. Max: You'll have some other issues but your cats will be happy. People won't want to talk you but cats will love you

Staeger: So that's what Chip has been trying to tell me for the longest time

Dr. Max: I think so. That may be why he's trying to kill you

Staeger: Alright. I'm gonna go get another cat