Thankfully, cats don’t like loud noises.

They likely all scampered and hid when someone threw a brick through the window of the Denver Cat Company early Thursday morning.

Sana Hamelin, who owns the coffee shop full of adoptable cats, got a call from Denver Police around 3:30 a.m., shortly after she returned home from working a late night.

“I have my glass break alarm detector which is exactly for this type of thing because even if cats knock something over in the middle of the night, I’ll get a call from the alarm company,” Hamelin said.

Amazingly, no cats escaped after the window was smashed.

“I’m always worried that if someone tried to do that to us…we’d end up with the cats out,” Hamelin said.

She isn’t sure what the vandals motive might have been, as the brick thrower didn’t steal anything from inside the store.

“Maybe they just hate cats,” she said.

Denver Cat Company on Tennyson Street in the Highlands offers guests a chance to meet with adoptable cats. The cats come from several local rescues and roam free inside the café.