It may not look like it, but RTD insists the crossing arm at Steele near 42nd Avenue was working properly when it went down on a truck that was passing through.

Ben Schreckengost sent Next video (above) of the incident, which happened Tuesday.

"I heard a commotion out here, some guys yelling and screaming," Schreckengost said. He was working in an organ repair shop just south of the crossing.

When he walked out, he said he saw the arm, wedged between the cab of a truck and the truck’s cargo. The driver of the truck is frantically gesturing at crossing guards.

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Schreckengost said eventually the guards are able to bring the gate back up and get the truck off the tracks.

"I was kind of concerned because our building's right here and if a semi did get hit it would kinda get dragged right into the corner of our building,” Schreckengost said.

We showed the video to RTD. They said the gate is functioning properly.

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A spokesman for RTD said when the gate didn’t fully go down, a signal went down the line to the train to stop. He said there is also a sensor in the road that would have alerted the train that there was something in the crossing.