May we make a recommendation? This is when Next points you toward someone's work that isn't ours, but is awesome.

South Metro Fire Rescue has created a video series to show what goes on behind the scenes at the fire department.

It's called "Unscripted."

They use dashboard cameras, body cameras and other footage from every day fire rescues.

The episodes will focus on a different topic every month. This week, the fire department published the first video, which focuses on the dispatch center.

"From a community perspective, I was really thinking that people would enjoy seeing that video footage, and seeing the inside of a dispatch center, seeing the kinds of stories that we're going to move forward with, and it's just a more entertaining way to learn about public safety," said Eric Hurst, with South Metro Fire.

The fire department says it's a good way to give the community a better understanding of how a fire department operates.

You can check out the series in the South Metro Fire YouTube page