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Do you work outside of the city you live in, commuting between the two? According to the Coloradoan, you’re not alone.

More than two-thirds of residents in northern Colorado cities work in another town, commuting between the two.

It’s a fight between downsizing on what you want to a condo or townhome in Fort Collins or driving until you can afford a house, it said.

Kate Vardiman talked with The Coloradoan about her struggles, how she was outbid on house after house in Fort Collins, how she decided against a condo and instead moved out of Fort Collins to where she now lives in a small house just outside of Ault.

Her commute is 15 miles to where she works in Fort Collins. And what does she do with that time?

"I call people a lot," she said to The Coloradoan. "It's my talking time. Bluetooth has helped my life out significantly. ... You kind of just adjust and get used to it."

But this lifestyle choice that she and others have made means that traffic gridlock has worsened, and the Colorado Department of Transportation is working to keep up with upgrades to solve the congestion.

Check out the full article on The Coloradoan's website, and tell us about your work commute. Does it take 15 minutes? Half an hour? Closer to an hour?

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