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Yahoo spoke to "America's most reluctant pot pioneer," who you may know as Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, sat down with Yahoo News to talk about the state of marijuana in Colorado since it was legalized in 2012.

He said his two biggest fears after the Amendment passed were the potential spike in teenage use and an increase in overall use. But, Governor Hickenlooper says overall, not much has changed.

He says, "People fight over which data sets to use, but the largest database we have -- it's thousands of kids -- shows that teenage use is essentially flat."

The Governor also says a personal fear he had was being the father of an 8-year-old where marijuana would be legal. He says, "I was worried that teenagers like my son would think that if the adults have legalized this, it must be OK."

The state put millions of dollars into ads that show the risks of high-THC to teenagers.

And Colorado continues to put money in to research and ads as a warning.

Yahoo asked Gov. Hickenlooper if he would support the Amendment today. He says, "What I've said before is that if I had a magic wand when it first passed and I could have reversed the vote, I would have. Now if I had a magic wand I'd probably put it back in the drawer for a couple of years. I'd want to see more data. I'm not sure I'd vote for it yet."

Hickenlooper did say, though, that if U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions were to fight Colorado on legal marijuana, he'd push back, to uphold the law passed by voters in the state.

Take a few minutes to read the back-and-forth.

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