May we make a recommendation? This is when Next points you toward something that isn't ours, but is worth your time.

Ok, in this case the story isn’t ours, but it is about Kyle Clark – more specifically, this week’s dust-up between Next’s host and Frontier Airlines.

By now, you probably know that Kyle got a very sassy letter from the head of the budget airline’s corporate communications office after he did a piece about the company’s use of flight attendants as props during a news conference.

Things took a new turn when Frontier accessed Kyle’s travel history and future reservations to see if he had some sort of prior beef with the airline (he didn’t).

Well, now Kyle talked about the experience with Westword -- as well as the attention he’s gotten since then.

In the Q&A, he also says both he and Ann Coulter are “carbon-based lifeforms,” which – if you questioned whether Kyle is in fact a robot – is good information to have.

You can check out the full interview here: