May we make a recommendation? This is when Next points you toward something that isn't ours, but is worth your time.

Uber has a "Lost and Found" index that may make you feel better about that time you accidentally left your phone in the back seat.

It has a bunch of lists that are pretty entertaining, including the "50 most unique items forgotten in Ubers." A lobster is on the list, and a pool stick, mustard, a bulletproof vest and a "meat packet."

SLIDESHOW: 50 most unique things left in Ubers

Anyway, the most common day to report a lost item is Sunday, which make sense if you have a long night Saturday night. What doesn't make a lot of sense is that wedding dresses are more often reported missing on Sundays. 

We have so many questions.

In case you're the person who forgot their mustard in an Uber, you can check their Lost and Found index article to find out how to report a missing item.