May we make a recommendation? This is when Next points you to a piece of journalism that we had no part in and yet is still worth a look.

This one is for all of the history nerds out there. It’s a podcast by the White House Historical Association that tells the story of this iconic building’s stone walls.

Cool, a podcast about walls? Thanks 9NEWS, you might be thinking to yourself sarcastically. Yes, it is a podcast about walls, and it’s freakin’ fascinating.

Because since the White House was first completely on Nov. 1, 1800, there have been many presidents – everyone from John Adams to Donald Trump – but one thing has stayed the same: those original stone walls, which have survived fires and renovations.

The podcast features author William Seale, who wrote a book called “A White House of Stone,” which tells the story of building this American icon from the ground up.

You can listen to the podcast via the embed below, or by heading to: