May we make a recommendation? This is when we point you toward something that isn't ours, but is worth your time, and tonight, we have two pieces of 9/11 content we'd like you to see.

First, check out a thread on Twitter from former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, who was with President Bush on September 11, 2001.

Every year, he tweets out how the day unfolded; how the president started the day with a run, and then a visit to a classroom in Florida, and how the reports of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center started coming in while he was with students and teachers.

The minute-by-minute perspective really shows what the white house went through on September 11 as the news came in.

Scroll back to the beginning of the thread to start. It's a fascinating perspective.


Second, take a look a piece of journalism from The New Yorker, six months after 9/11.

"The Real Heroes Are Dead" is the story of Rick Rescorla, written by James B. Stewart. Rescorla led an exceptional and interesting life, across four continents and through tree wars, before he ended up as Morgan Stanley's director of security.

He helped evacuate the South Tower on 9/11, and was last seen running back inside to save other people.

You can read Rick's story here.