New tenants moved into a church in Denver 10 months ago, but no one seemed to notice until they started restoring the old church at the corner of South Logan Street and East Dakota Avenue in Denver.

The building is 113 years old, and is now home to the Elevationism religion. 

"Elevationists believe that one can find the path to spiritual fulfillment through the ritual use of cannabis," says Steve Berke, the new owner of the church. 

We took a look at the church's makeover on Wednesday. The International Church of Cannabis opens on 4/20/17.

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The front of the building looks like a "typical" church, except for the doors and upper windows. The doors are covered in swirls and windows are painted with a space-like theme; the planets are colorful and have faces.

ENTRANCEThis is an adults-only facility. You'll be carded at the entrance counter. On the wall beside the counter, in large lettering, is the name of the church, International Church of Cannabis; the sign is made of artificial marijuana.Next to is the church's symbol, made of triangles. The owner says it somewhat represents Colorado.
CHAPELA Spanish artist painted the chapel in about a week, the owner says. They didn't give him direction, but let him paint his own vision. The room is a mixture of traditional (pews and wood paneling) and not so traditional. Everything else from the ceiling to the walls are painted.
FELLOWSHIP SPACEThere's a lot goin' on in the fellowship area, which is meant to be a multi-use space, for everything from hanging out to selling art. The spray paint cans used when the chapel was painted are for sale now. You'll see a bunch of toys in there -- Simpsons characters, a giant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, South Park figurines and arcade games. The church's owner says the couches came from Shaun White, the professional snowboarder. We're not sure how the couches ended up at the church exactly.
OUTDOOR SPACEThe outdooor space will serve as an art and sculpture garden. There isn't much art out there now, but there is a grill and plenty of colorful tables where you can eat. The space will be considered a "whisper garden," to be considerate of neighbors during the opening on 4/20.