Colorado State University beat Wyoming with a last-second 3-pointer on Tuesday night, making for CSU's seventh straight win. The Rams are now one win away from clinching the Mountain West conference championship.

But the untold story here is the reaction to a tweet I sent out last night, after fans stormed the court.

"Rams fans sure like beating unranked opponents in Fort Collins. #CourtStorm"

Let's explain this.

First, I love a good court storm.

And second, I hate the debate of whether or not college students should rush the floor. Go ahead. Ultimately, I couldn't care less.

But since this is an annual debate. And it is. There is no reason that Rams fans should have celebrated on the court. In fact, they've done it in back-to-back games in Fort Collins. Here's my gripe: they were expected to win both games. When you play a mediocre (at best) team in your own gym and beat them, act like you expected that to happen. This isn't a knock on the Rams. It's a knock on Wyoming. They don't deserve a court storm, and neither did San Diego State on Saturday night.

But Twitter didn't see it that way. They set my mentions on fire. They weren't all nice, but at least they were funny.

Now, if we were to fact check that tweet it wouldn't do well. First, I used to be the high school beat reporter at 9NEWS. But it's been three years, and I was never a basketball manager. He did get the chubby part right, though. I'll work on that.