Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn't letting up in his crusade against legal marijuana.

USA TODAY: AG Jeff Sessions: 'We are in danger' of rising violence

Tuesday, he spoke to a gathering of the states' attorneys general, including Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman. And you know what? He doesn't think this marijuana thing is such a good idea.

"I, as you know, am dubious about marijuana (DUBIOUS. Get it? Okay, let's move on...). And states, I get, can pass whatever laws they choose, but I'm not sure we're going to a better, healthier nation, if we have marijuana being sold at every corner grocery store. I just don't think that's going to be good for us. We'll have to work our way through that."

Marijuana in every corner grocery store?

Attorney General Sessions, that's not how it works. The corner grocery stores are forced out by rising rent prices fueled by the marijuana business. They're replaced by pot shops on every corner, and THAT'S where they sell marijuana.

He's criticizing the system and he doesn't even know how it works!

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, a fellow Republican and no proponent of recreational marijuana, tweeted that she's ready to share Colorado's "experience and insight" with him, but we're not sure how much advice from Colorado Sessions wants.

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In the same speech, Sessions mocked a Washington Post op-ed by Sam Kamin, the marijuana regulation expert from DU, who was here with us on Next last Friday.

VIDEO: DU professor weighs in on potential crackdown on marijuana

Kamin wrote in his op-ed that America's opioid crisis is a reason to offer a safer alternative like marijuana.

Sessions said:

"I saw a line in The Washington Post today that I remember from the 80s. This one was, 'If you smoke--marijuana is a cure for opiate abuse. Give me a break. I mean, you know, this is the kind of argument that's been made out there-- almost a desperate attempt to defend the harmlessness of marijuana, or even its benefits. I doubt that's true. Maybe science will prove I'm wrong, but at this point in time, you and I have a responsibility to use our best judgment, that which we've learned over a period of years, and speak truth as best we can. My best view is we don't need to be legalizing marijuana..."

You can read Kamin's piece here.