If you say no one is riding the new R Line through Aurora, that's only a slight exaggeration.

Ridership is less than half of projections, so RTD wants to cut service by about the same amount.

Makes sense, right?

Not if you're Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan, who blames RTD for a failure to advertise the line.

"We have RTD that does a good job of building things but doesn't seem to do a good job at advertising the fact that they exist," Hogan told Kyle Clark. "Here we are, trying to get Amazon, to the Denver-metro area, and part of our pitch is we are so well-linked, and we are so good about getting people around. And we're going to cut service?"

The city has no power over RTD, but on Facebook, the city is urging people to contact RTD board members. City staff also plan to make a lot of noise about the change at a public meeting on Thursday.

And speaking of Amazon, Hogan says the city is in talks about getting the business' second headquarters to come there.

You can watch our full interview with Hogan here: