Dorothy likes to decorate her house each holiday for her kids and grandchildren.

It's also a way for her to stay positive. She's been fighting stage four cancer in her liver and lungs for more than three years.

On Monday night, some of her Christmas decorations in her front yard went missing, including an inflatable Santa Claus and reindeers set.

But her most prized possession, a bench that's been with her for more than 40 years, is also missing. She painted it over the summer in Broncos colors.

"I'm a dedicated Broncos fan. Win or lose. I love my Broncos," Medina said, with tears.

The hand-painted blue and orange bench is one of many ways Medina cheers on her beloved team. She has an album dedicated to the Broncos and puts up Broncos dolls on game days.

Even now, as many fans sneer at the team's 2017 record, Medina can't get enough.

"When I lived in Durango, Colorado, I got married. And my husband told me that we were going to move to Denver, and I go, 'God, home of the Broncos...,'" she says. "I love my Broncos so much."

The bench always stays in the front yard. The decorations went up just over the weekend.

"It just hurts because we decorate for Halloween and Easter and all the holidays, we decorate. And all the kids are always here," she said.

A teary Medina kept fighting to stay positive about the possibility of someone stealing her treasured possessions.

"To see my Broncos bench was gone just killed me," she said."Maybe they needed it more than I did."

Medina sits on her bench every day, she says. Her hope is that the bench can be returned.