Senate Republican leaders pushed back their timeline to vote on their healthcare bill until after they eat some hot dogs and watch fireworks next week on the Fourth of July.

When they do vote, it's accepted that Republicans plan on passing the bill with no help from Democrats, who are simply uninterested in repealing a cornerstone of Barack Obama's presidency.

Michael Bennet, Colorado's Democratic Senator, guesses the chance of the Senate passing the bill is 50-50. He says Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will do whatever he can to get the bill passed, but Democrats won't come onboard unless it collapses - which McConnell wants.

"McConnell has made it clear to the base of the Republican Party he wouldn't like to have Democratic votes be part of the solution because it would somehow corrupt what he's trying to do," Bennet said in an interview with Next. "In the wreckage of (a failure), maybe Democrats and Republicans can come back together and actually work to lower Americans' costs ... If the bill fails, I think we can get to a bipartisan answer."

Bennet agreed with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's description of the proposal as "Obamacare Light," and says that if Coloradans don't like the current law, it is his opinion they won't like the bill, either.

Bennet says he has spoken to Colorado's Republican Sentator, Cory Gardner, about how he'll vote, but he'll let Gardner speak about his opinion for himself.

Watch our full interview with Bennet here:

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