Looks like Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett is going to run for state Attorney General of Colorado.

He's filed paperwork but there's been no formal announcement, so far.

To win the statewide race he lost in 2010, he'll need to overcome to the attack ad tagline of "Boulder liberal."

"Actually, we did pretty well in that race. The reality is, what I'd bring to the race is a practical, progressive experience in law enforcement and public safety, I've got a proven track record of almost nine years as District Attorney, and I think Boulder has a lot to offer," Garnett said in an interview with Next.

Garnett, like fellow Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar who has already declared a run for Attorney General, criticized work from Cynthia Coffman, who hold the role now.

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He believes Coffman has not been as proactive as she should be to defend the people of Colorado, Garnett said.

Our full interview with Stan Garnett: