It's show time for President Donald Trump's budget.

The man who rose to his great fame firing people on a reality TV show appears fired up by the reality of showing America his vision for what the federal government should be.

In this video, we explain the basics of the Trump budget through other quality NBC programming:

You can see more specifics here, here and here.

Next reached out to Republicans in Colorado's congressional delegation, hoping to have them on the show Thursday.

Congressman Buck, Tipton and Lamborn were unavailable. Congressman Lamborn sent us a statement saying the President is keeping his promises to shrink government, prioritize national security, and reduce government spending.

Colorado Governor Hickenlooper did meet us with us. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, says he has asked state agencies to review the budget proposal to assess its impact on Colorado:

"In some ways it was what I expected, but I was surprised at the cuts in agriculture. What has rural America ever done to President Trump except vote for him? And yet they got some of the largest cuts. I think from the point of view of Colorado there are obviously some losses. If this went forward the way it was presented there would be some serious concerns, but also some benefits, right? Additional military spending. We got a lot of aerospace and military spending in Colorado. There was an emphasis on cyber security. We do a lot of cyber security. I think there's pluses and minuses but you want to make sure you're protecting the last and the least."

You can see our full interview with Governor Hickenlooper here.

We asked our political experts, Kelly and Ian, to weigh in. Kelly, a Republican, had to find something she didn't like and Ian had to find something he did like.

Kelly: Some justification for the increase in defense spending

Ian: Benefits for veterans