It's not uncommon for an apartment complex in Colorado to send a warning letter to residents, alerting them to mountain lions spotted nearby. It is uncommon for an apartment complex to issue an apology for its own letter, as the CamelBack Pointe Community has done.

In the letter sent out on Monday, the manager attached a random stock photo showing a lion killing a man in Africa.

Portion of letter sent to residents at CamelBack Pointe Community in Colorado Springs (picture blurred)

Let's clear up all of this right now.

At the CamelBack Pointe Apartments in Colorado Springs, there are no camels, and there's no African lion going around killing anyone.

We're not exactly sure how the apartment complex came across this photo. If you were to Google search "lion kills man," you'll see the picture CamelBack used.

The property manager for Camelback Pointe told Next that he used the gruesome photo to illustrate his warning to tenants about a standard-issue Colorado mountain lion seen nearby.

Google search results for "lion kills man"

The complex's director, James Hallaway, didn't want to talk to Kyle Clark when he called, but did say this was a "a bad edit," and said he apologized to tenants and to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which handles a lot of things, but not African lions.