Imagine a home for one of the most innovative robots in the nation.

You might be thinking of an underground laboratory or maybe even a place that resembles Iron Man's lair of advanced technology.

The place this Colorado robot resides is neither secret, nor built for a superhero. In fact, it's a little smelly.

AMP Robotics created a robot called Clarke, and it lives in Alpine Waste & Recycling Center in Denver. It's designed solely for recycling.

Clarke sometimes acts like a real person. It's constantly learning and improving itself. Unlike your average Joe however, this robot has perfect memory according to Matanya Horowitz, CEO of AMP Robotics.

Once it picks an item up, it remembers the material of it forever.

Clarke has a vision system that sorts through recyclables quickly. Horowitz says Clarke will become even faster, picking two items per second.

Unfortunately, the robot looks nothing like the famous Disney robot, Wall-e, who spends his free time tidying up Earth. But it's still pretty awesome.

It's more spider-like, with three arms connected at a central point.

Can't see the GIF? Click here to see Clarke in action

AMP Robotics created a robot called Clarke (not named for Kyle), and it lives in Alpine Waste & Recycling Center. It's designed solely for recycling.

Alpine Waste & Recycling is the first in the country to use robotic sorting, and Brent Hilderbrand, Vice President of the service says, "The goal from our standpoint is to keep recycling processing costs down and over the next year or two, we could see more Clarkes in different areas of our cities."

And no, Clarke is not related to Kyle Clark. The robot was named after Arthur C. Clarke, a science fiction author who's quite popular in the office at AMP Robotics.

Watch the full story on the robot that loves to recycle in the video above.

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