Getting straight answers of out the Colorado Mills owner, Simon Property Group, has been a fool's errand since a hail storm closed the mall last month.

Those owners, though, have been emailing city of Lakewood employees -- emails Next now has, because of an open records request.

The first email about the mall from Lakewood, out of more than 100 pages sent over by the city, came 24 hours after the storm. The Lakewood Police Chief wanted to look at the damage to the police substation in the mall.

Screenshots of some emails between Lakewood/Mills owner

A lot of the emails in the two weeks after the hailstorm are about repairs, setting up visits, and polishing up a statement to the public. Then, on Monday, May 15., we see an email from the Colorado Mills General Manager to the Lakewood City Manager -- with a letter to tenants saying the mall likely won't open until November. Two days later, when that letter was leaked to 9NEWS, no one from Simon would confirm it was legitimate.

That same day, the mall cheered, "Some good news," when the movie theater across from the mall announced it was ready to reopen. Also that day, a Denver Post reporter emailed a question many of us have asked: essentially, it's not like Colorado Mills had the only roof in town - why did theirs fail?

"Didn't everyone get hit by the same giant hail?" their email said.

The next day, an email the GM wrote the city included, "The good news is we are well on the road to recovery."

Six days later, when a store owner invited us inside, allowing us to see the road to recovery is a bumpy one.

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