Democratic Congresswoman Diana DeGette spoke with Next for the first time on Wednesday, about her former staffer who was arrested last week while fleeing the country.

DeGette says she doesn't think this IT staffer, 37-year-old Imran Awan, compromised the security of her information, or that of her constituents in Denver.

"So this is a former staffer who worked for several dozen members of Congress on a contract basis. And several months ago, some months ago, our chief of staff called together - and told us there was a criminal investigation - involving this individual. We terminated his employment because frankly he wasn't - didn't have access to the House information, so he couldn't do his job."

Awan also did work for former Democratic National Committee chair Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. That's prompted all kinds of conspiracy theories about the election in conservative media. In Marshall Zelinger's interview with DeGette, our questions focused on whether Awan had access to sensitive personal information belonging to Coloradans.

DeGette did not directly answer that question.

"We don't have any information or belief that he has compromised any constituent information. And we have asked the investigators and also the House administration to please inform us if they get any information otherwise."

Awan is being held on bank fraud charges.

A conservative watchdog group is calling for a congressional investigation into why Wasserman-Schultz kept Awan on her payroll after other Reps, including DeGette, cut ties.

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