82 miles wasn't enough.

Two sleepless nights weren't enough.

Three days of protein shakes wasn't enough.

Moving nonstop from a Tuesday morning to a Thursday afternoon just wasn't enough.

So, Sarah Thomas from Conifer is working on another blockbuster swim.

About 10 months after Thomas broke the record for "longest known unassisted solo swim" in Lake Powell, she is attempting to swim a 104-mile loop in Lake Champlain, on the border of New York and Vermont.

She hopes to finish this swim in 72 hours. As of Wednesday morning, after finishing her 83rd mile, Thomas was 80 percent finished. Every mile she swims beyond that is a new record, breaking her own; she is not permitted to touch a boat at any point during the swim.

Thomas' family says the winds have not been kind so far.

If anyone would like to track Sarah, you can follow her journey here. You can also see the family's updates on Sarah's Facebook page.

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