We here at Next know our viewers have a lot to say, so we have taken it upon ourselves to give you a place to gripe -- a platform for you to vent about whatever it is that's grinding your gears lately.

We're calling it "Confessions of a _____."

Perhaps there's a situation you're in that you want to complain about, or you've noticed something around town that's bothering you. Almost nothing is off limits. Are you an Uber driver with crazy stories to tell? A teacher with complaints about education policy? A hiker who can't stand people who leave behind their dog's mess? Tell us.

To top it off, we'll let you remain anonymous. We've got your back, because that's what friends are for, and we're all friends here.

Listen, we're not going to say you're next Usher here. That's also not really the type of confession we're thinking of, but here's his hit song of 2004 if it helps inspire you.

Anyway, we start with "Confessions of a 'Bridesmaid." You'll meet Paula and Courtney (names have been changed for privacy concerns), because you know there are brideszillas out there, and if you've ever been a bridesmaid, you know that can be thankless job. Check it out Wednesday on Next, at 6 p.m. on 9NEWS.

Paula and Courtney (names have been changed)

Is there something you'd like to confess? Let us know by emailing next@9news.com, through Facebook or, if you're daring enough, on Twitter with #HeyNext.