Stand down, everyone!

Call off your search parties!

Two yaks that went missing a year ago from their home in Larimer County have been found.

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Next told you about these yaks in January, when a viewer sent us a submission for "It's a Sign" - ya know, because we like funny signs. This particular sign said only "Lost 2 yaks," and a phone number.

Naturally, we called the number, and the owner, who lives near Bellvue, told us back then that the yaks did not have names. He didn't even have time to name them, really. They escaped about two hours after he bought them last July.

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At least three Next viewers have told us recently that they've seen two yaks, doin' yak stuff, in Northern Colorado. Thank you Ted, John and Bard for keeping YakSearch 2017 alive.

Lost yaks, seen near Signal Mountain on July 8. (Courtesy: Brad Parnell)

John most recently contacted us with a very clear picture he took of two yaks just last week. He spotted them on South Signal Mountain, near the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Next reached out to the owner and after we showed him John's picture, the owner confirmed that yes, these are in fact his yaks.

LOST YAKS OF LARIMER COUNTY... FOUND (Courtesy: John Wullschleger)

In the time since we last spoke to the owner in early 2017, he has named them: Thelma and Louise.

The owner says he is reaching out to Larimer County Search and Rescue, to see if their team will help catch the yaks and bring them home. Search and Rescue told Next they might occasionally look for an animal, but they hadn't even heard of the legendary lost yaks of Larimer County until we asked.

So, Thelma and Louise are still out and about, presumably around Rocky Mountain National Park, still doing their yak things.

And if you see them, they won't come when called.