Next hoped to let you hear from Congressman Ken Buck on Monday. He's back in Colorado on break, and to push his new book called Drain the Swamp.

But Buck, a Republican who represents Northern Colorado, backed out of our long-scheduled interview this morning. Buck's been making the rounds for his book on a lot of Republican friendly media outlets like Fox News and Brieitbart. Despite cancelling his interview with Next, Buck was on conservative talk radio and Christian radio Monday.

His publisher emailed this morning to say, "Congressman Buck just called me to say that something immovable came up."

The irresistible force of self-promotion meet the immovable object on the calendar!

We hope he didn't have an issue with the fact that we were obviously going to ask him why he tried to re-write history on his Obamacare repeal stance, in addition to the book.

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He told us, and you after the plan failed that he hadn't decided whether to support it.

Days later, he won praise from President Trump for claiming he did support the repeal bill.

We'd like to ask him if that's swampy... or just sticky.

Fellow Republican Congressman Mike Coffman, a real "yes" vote on repeal, seemed to have a dim view of such shenanigans.

"It was my decision to be there, to be out front. I think what members were saying was as they were walking to the House floor, I don't know how I'm going to vote. I think they did," Coffman told us when he recently stopped by Next. 

Congressman Buck's staff said they couldn't tell us his reason for cancelling because this is personal business. His publisher is in full control of his schedule, so we're not sure what Congressman Buck was up to. No need for every Next viewer to turn into a Big Buck Hunter, but if you see him around Colorado, let him know we'd love to talk.