Buffalo Peaks Ranch in South Park is undergoing a transformation thanks to a husband and wife - who love Colorado's open spaces, history, and books.

For years, Jeff and Ann Lee have dreamt about creating a library that lives inside an historic space that already has a story tell.

The avid readers, who have worked for Tattered Cover Bookstore for more than 30 years, started collecting books for their own personal collection to eventually share with others who also love books and nature.

They then went on a sight search - to find a home for their vision.

After searching for several years, the two got in touch with Park County because of its historic roots. The two found Buffalo Peaks Ranch, a quiet ranch in rural South Park.

"Buffalo Peaks Ranch was sort of looking for a new chapter in its life I could say," said Lee.

The buildings at the ranch had been empty for 25 years, Lee says he and his wife took over the land to turn it into the Rocky Mountain Land Library.

For the past two years, the couple has been working to renovate the buildings and they still have years before their vision will be complete.

For now, they have a few books out there and are holding educational programs on Saturdays.

"I think both Ann and I feel that it's a short time on Earth and to actually understand the place where you live is really important," he said. "In this age, where information comes at us so fast, i think it will be easy for us to forget the roots that we have in the land."

The Rocky Mountain Library is a non-profit, it relies on volunteer work and donations to continue renovations.

You can learn more about their project and how to help out here: http://www.landlibrary.org/