On Thursday, Colorado State Patrol troopers and their spouses filled a Chick-fil-A parking lot in Castle Rock to support the family of fallen CSP trooper, Cody Donahue.

“We’re having a great time just doing some fundraising here with the patrons of Chick-fil-A,” Cpt. Jeff Goodwin said.

Troopers and their wives collected donations outside the restaurant while the Chick-fil-A on Metzler Drive donated 10 percent of its profits to the Donahue family.

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The fundraiser came on the same day the Colorado senate judiciary committee moved forward with a bill named for Trooper Donahue.

“We’re very supportive of that bill,” Cpt. Goodwin said. “It increases the penalties for someone who injures or kills someone when they didn’t actually move over.”

The senate bill, dubbed the “Move Over for Cody Act,” would add stationary public utility service vehicles to the current law on the books. Under the bill, a driver who failed to move over and injured another person would be charged with a class 1 felony. A driver who causes the death of another person would face a class 6 felony charge.

“We’re here actually promoting the ‘move over’ law,” Johanna Davey said.

Davey was one of several wives of CSP troopers who came to help fundraise Thursday.

“We hand out bracelets and we’ve got stickers and we’ve got bumper stickers,” Davey said.

Davey said her husband is a corporal and a 13-year veteran of the State Patrol.

“Our husbands are out there doing their jobs and we want them to be able to do their jobs and we want them to come home,” Davey said.

Davey also passed out information on the “Move Over for Cody Act” and shared a message to drivers.

“When you see lights and sirens, emergency vehicles, you need to pull over to the left lane and give them lots of room to do their job so they can be safe,” she said.