Our ongoing search for the smartest kids in Colorado led us to a group of super smart engineers who attend the University of Colorado Denver.

They were all part of a team to develop a prototype pod that could be used in the proposed hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

They called themselves the Hyperlynx team.

They worked on their prototype for the last year. This past weekend they put their work to the test.

"We were chosen from a very wide number of schools from not only around the U.S., but around the world, who are very competitive in their engineering abilities," said Aaron Zapiler, the Hyperlynx team co-lead. "It was fantastic to be recognized as one of those who had a fantastic design to do some testing and prototypes."

Their prototype was chosen as one of the final 27 to be tested at SpaceX in California.

"It was a little bit surreal for the team. Our team is made up of a few people who work full-time outside of school and our school, compared to the others competing, is rather small," said Zapiler.

Unfortunately, they didn't make the final cut, but say what they learned is more important.

"It was very fun, it was exciting, it was a lot of learning. It was fun to see the collaboration amongst the different teams as well as between us and SpaceX," he said. "I think that is one of the corner stones of engineering - is that many ideas can be used and looked at for their ability as a potential solution to the same problem."

The pod testing for the hyperloop will continue this summer with the four teams that made it to the second round.