Del Bonham served in World War II, and survived his time as a POW. He died in Colorado in 1983, and then his name vanished into history.

The memory of him was so far gone that when the VFW in Fort Collins found his portrait tucked away in the attic, no one there remembered Del, or knew if he had any family members still in the area.

Fort Collins VFW searches for family of Air Force officer in photo

We at Next love a good family history mystery, and this one was tough, but we discovered Del has a daughter living in Texas. Helen Anderson's mother and Del divorced when she was young, and she only met him once as an adult.

Helen treasured that memory, and soon, she'll be holding that portrait found in the attic.

"My first thought was, I was elated. I was elated. And so grateful that the VFW held onto it - that they did not discard it," she told Next over the phone from San Antonio.

Helen Anderson asked Next to thank everyone in Fort Collins who preserved and protected her father's portrait, and everyone offered help tracking down the family.