To say Isaac Wilker’s ride is subtle is a bit of an understatement.

“I’ll tell you the nicest thing about driving this is you never forget where you parked,” Wilker said.

Wilker, 23, is an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driver, or Hotdogger as they’re known in that sector.

“There’s never such a thing as a typical week in a Wienermobile,” Wilker said. “When you have an open road, and you’re enjoying the people and the smiles, and you get some AC/DC going in the back, life doesn’t get any better.”

Wilker's one of the company’s 12 Wienermobile drivers. Oscar Mayer has six hot-dog-shaped vehicles, that are driven all over the country by six teams of Hotdoggers. The only applicants they accept are recent college graduates—this year there were 1,200 applications for the job.

“It’s something I never dreamed when I was little that I’d be doing, but by golly, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” Wilker said.

In June, Wilker will have to look for another job. The company only allows their drivers to helm the Wienermobile for one year, and then they’re replaced by another college grad.

“The only time you can be a Hotdogger is your first year out of school—it’s right in that sweet spot,” Wilker said. “I think it’s a wonderful time in your life to do it because you’re not yet married, and don’t have family or other obligations.”

The 27-foot hot dog vehicle requires a maintenance check every six to eight weeks, and takes premium gasoline. The current model Wilker drives is a 2012 model with 185,000 miles on it.

The Hotdoggers also use it as their personal vehicle. You may have seen that someone spotted the Wienermobile at Denver International Airport this week. Wilker was just picking up his buddy.

“It handles very well, but you always have to take your time like any larger vehicle,” Wilker said. “It can go interstate speeds.”

The Wienermobile will be in Colorado for the next few days. To find out where it will be, go to their website.