The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today was the annual bison auction, hosted by the city and county of Denver, on Genesee Bison Ranch. It broke records Friday when it made $59,050, beating out last year’s earnings of $49,300.

Twenty-two bison were sold, with a 10-month-old, 636-pound male bison raking in the most at a closing bid of $3,600. On average, bidders paid $4.90 a pound for their bison.

Would you just listen to these auctioneers?!

The money raised will go toward caring for the animals left in the herd. Matt Brown, the caretaker of Denver's Bison herd at Genessee Park, will raise more bison for next year’s auction.

The Most Colorado Job: The keeper of Denver bison herd

Bison herds once numbered more than 30 million in America but were almost extinct by 1880s, a press release from Denver Parks and Recreation noted. There are an estimated 500,000 bison left in North America today.

The bison preserve is in 2,413-acre Genesee Park, acquired by Denver city in 1912. The first bison herds were placed there in 1914, and Denver Mountain Parks started taking care of them to maintain the species.

The bison there and at Daniels Park are descended from the last wild bison herd in the U.S.