If you thought you had it bad on Thursday, having to frantically rush to protect the plants you thought were safe after Mother's Day, look at it this way - you (probably) don't work at Denver Botanic Gardens.

(If you do in fact work at Denver Botanic Gardens, you have our deepest sympathies).

The "tender plants" that garden staff such as Kevin Williams worked to cover from the cold air and snow include annuals and vegetables. There was a lot to cover, as you might expect.

"We try to plant smartly, and delay things until after this weather" Williams said. "But with Colorado, you just never know."

The weather of the past few weeks tempted them to get a little ahead of themselves, he said.

Plants at the gardens are protected by sheets of "frost cloth," expandable buckets and plastic pots.

In a twist, Williams does not have a home garden of his own. While he does have a few window plants, his apartment doesn't allow anything more extravagant.