Win a bet with your friends. Ask them to name Denver's busiest travel day of the year.

It's not around Thanksgiving, and not Christmas, either.

It's today: June 30. The airport set a record for busiest day ever.

An estimated 197,000 passengers were expected to pass through the airport Friday; that's larger than the population of Fort Collins.

The airport guesses 1.3 million will travel through DIA during extended holiday weekend - June 27-July 3 this year.

Be prepared if you're one of them; several days should top 195,000, according to the airport. Standard rules apply: get there at least two hours early for a domestic flight.

Heath Montgomery, DIA's spokesperson, said all TSA checkpoints have been operating smoothly.

Montgomery guesses there will be about 50 new "busiest days ever" by the end of August.