For part of their lives – they couldn’t see, but now the Denver community can get a glimpse of life through their eyes.

Coloradans whose blindness was cured by cornea transplants are displaying their work in a new exhibit. The ‘Circle of Light’ photo project opened Wednesday at the Artwork Network gallery in Denver.

Shannon Breitzman, a photographer who is featured in the exhibit, had her first cornea transplants in her 20s, after she got a disease that caused her to go blind.

“I couldn’t drive, couldn’t watch my kids play sports.”

Robert Austin, from the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, a nonprofit responsible for the recovery and transplantation of donated eye tissue in Colorado, says all of the photos were taken by once-blind cornea transplant recipients. Austin says, “Through the pictures, the cornea transplant recipient photographers show the world what they are most grateful to see with their restored vision.”

It’s a perfect fit for Breitzman, who says she really got into photography in an art class in high school and is really interested in the stories behind the photos.

Austin says the photos depict many aspects of life such as beautiful landscape or nature scenes, activities that they can now participate in and even details in everyday objects.

The exhibit is featured at the Artwork Network through March 15.

Watch Next's story above, shot by visual producer Cody Broadway.