It was a simple wedding plan: tie the rings on the dog and have him run up to the altar.

Tucker, the ring bearer dog, had a different plan.

"I turned around and realized my dog, with the rings on him, he was gone," Jeff Brines said. Brines' sister was getting married on Saturday at Wash Park in Denver.

Courtesy: Jeff Brines 

He was busy making sure his sister had the perfect day. He was taking photos and working the sound system when Tucker - who wasn't leashed - ran off.

"Moments before the ring portion of the ceremony, he came back," Brines said. "He didn't go far, but he was wet."

And the rings on Tucker's collar were gone.

People searching for the wedding rings

"I was, to say the least, a little concerned...pretty upset," Brines said. "I kind of was yelling under my breath if that's even possible."

After the ceremony, Brines was in the water with his shoes off, looking for the rings.

"You realize you're in a giant park. You're not inside. You have no idea where your dog just was, you can't ask him, he can't talk to you and you're looking for a needle in a haystack," Brines said.

Somehow, this couple handled it all really well.

Courtesy: Jeff Brines

"In a way, it was kind of beautiful," Brines said. "I think most people during their wedding, if their rings were lost, that would have created mass hysteria but the bride and groom acted quite to the contrary. They kind of laughed at it, thought it was funny."

The rings were still not found, so people at the wedding donated rings for the ceremony.

The bride's mom has been out to the park with a metal detector; no luck.

Here's the final video Brines shot and edited for his sister's wedding: