When Next highlighted the issue of how to rescue dogs trapped in hot cars, we weren't trying to get a law passed, but it's looking more and more likely that's going to happen.

It began with a dog that Kyle Clark found stuck in a hot car because its owner thought this was cool.

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Thursday at the Capitol, legislators took the first step to make it OK for someone like Kyle to break a car window if a dog is trapped in a hot car. The bill passed it's first hearing 11-0.

The person breaking the window would legally have to make an effort to find the driver, call police, and then stick around waiting for officers once the window has been broken.

Proposal made to legally allow Coloradans to rescue dogs from hot cars

And if giving us leeway to save an overheating child or pet isn't enough incentive, the sponsors of the bill are adding a physical challenge.

"Representative Ginal and I are intending to do a hot-car challenge ourselves when the bill actually goes into effect. Hopefully this bill will also raise awareness of this issue of where people don't realize how quickly the temperature escalates in a hot vehicle situation," Rep. Lori Saine, who introduced the bill, said in the hearing.

The representative wants to save dogs from hot cars legally

There was one exception made to this legislation on Thursday: if you see a police K-9 in a police car... you can't break that window.