The Colorado State Patrol have teamed up with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Uber and Native Roots Dispensaries to promote safe and responsible decisions for anybody celebrating 420, this week.

They're asking everyone to take a different kind of high road and plan for a safe ride.

Fran Lanzer is the executive director of Colorado's Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He said the organization has placed more of an emphasis on drugged driving in recent years.

"This is really our first major campaign in Colorado and one of our first major drugged driving campaigns for MADD nationally," he said.

Lanzer has personally been affected by drugged driving. It's how two of his friends, siblings John and Sarah Wheat, died in Mississippi. Lanzer said John was kind and loyal, and Sarah was studying speech pathology at the University of Mississippi.

Lanzer said they both had bright futures that were taken away from them on October 27, 2012.

"They went to a charity event and on their way back to campus they were hit head on by a marijuana-impaired driver, and they were both killed," he said.

He said the kind of heartbreak he still feels when thinking about what happened is indescribable.

"Nothing really prepares you for losing somebody that you know," Lanzer said.

He's passionate about preventing anyone else from feeling the hurt of a similar loss. It's a driving force behind teaming up with CSP for this new campaign.

Sgt. Rob Madden said there's never a reason to drive under the influence of any substance.

"Make a smart choice, plan your choice, plan your day," he said. "Before your leave your house, plan how you're going to get to your event and plan how you're going to get home from your event."

Sgt. Madden said CSP has issued more than 1,500 citations for driving under the influence of marijuana since 2015.

Uber is offering $4.20 off rides into and out of Downtown on Thursday. For the discount, riders just have to enter the code "SAFE420."