Information about jurors in Colorado was just out there, on the internet, for almost a year, until someone in Alaska pointed it out to the State Court Administrator's Office.

Through an internet search, that person discovered information from four of 65 sample lists of potential jurors in Colorado. Names, social security numbers and dates of birth are a part of the files, which are stored on the Judicial Department’s internal website.

Out of the nearly 621,000 total names on those lists, 41,140 were exposed. That sample of jurors lives in four Colorado counties: Crowley, Pueblo, Rio Grande and Weld.

The Judicial Department has determined that the information was accessed externally three times, because of an internal error. A release says the information was made immediately unavailable once the state had been notified.
Every person on every list, not just the four accessed, has or will receive a letter from the SCAO.

The juror data had been exposed from late August 2016 to early August 2017. The department says there’s no indication that the data was used maliciously.

Anyone who did not receive a letter was not listed on any of this data. If you did receive a letter, and have additional questions, you can call 720-625-5999, or email