As the people who run Mile High look for a new name for the stadium, they're also facing a likely lawsuit from the family of a man who died there during a Denver Broncos game last fall.

Jason Coy, from Miliken, went over a handrail in October 2016 and fell about 60 feet inside the Northeast concourse. The 36-year-old's family has hired lawyers, who say the fall was because of the stadium's design; the corridor and staircase were "inherently dangerous."

"We believe that the Stadium District, and others, failed to make the subject staircase and stairwell, reasonably safe for invited guests/patrons, and this failure led directly to Mr. Coy's fatal injuries," a notice letter to the stadium says.

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Essentially, they're taking issue with the fact that there's an open shaft near the walking area.

The notice of claim from the lawyers to the Metropolitan Football Stadium District doesn't say how much money they want.

This is the letter sent to the Stadium District

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Notice to sue sent to Stadium District by family of fan who died by Erin Powell on Scribd