When you land in the Mile High City at Denver International Airport, how far is too far to get what you need to get high?

Apparently, 12.5 miles and 20 minutes is too far.

Native Roots, which runs a medical marijuana store at 70th Avenue and Tower Road, has submitted a request to add recreational marijuana to that location, just 6.2 miles from DIA.

Right now, the closest recreational pot shop is Trill Evolutions, at 56th Avenue and Joliet Street, which is 12.5 miles from DIA. There are a handful of other recreational shops nearby along Peoria, just off Interstate 70.
For those traveling through DIA and wanting to sample Colorado's legal weed, this might be a good time to suggest making this your first stop after the airport and not your last stop before the airport.

At the end of last year, a DIA spokesman told 9NEWS that no one has been ticketed for illegally bringing marijuana to the airport.

In 2015, officers stopped 30 travelers with pot. They were allowed to get rid of it without punishment, which all chose to do.

As of last week, Colorado had just more than 500 retail marijuana stores licenses.

Native Roots, which has 19 medical and/or recreational locations throughout the state will have a hearing to consider its recreational license application with the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses on November 29.