An issue in general election races come 2018 (yes, we're already back to "election season") will be the Affordable Care Act.

The recent head of the Colorado Republican Party, Steve House, says his party botched President Trump's first attempt at repealing and replacing Obamacare, just a few weeks ago.

"I think it was the wrong message. I think we have to, as Republicans, we have to talk about people's actual healthcare, not just the cost, and the insurance side of healthcare. There's an impact when you do insurance on how healthcare actually plays out for you as an individual. We didn't talk about any of that. I think we made a mistake. We got to do a much better job of talking about how healthcare impacts the individual."

House, who decided not to go for another term of GOP leader after two years, said in his interview with Next that he doesn't plan to run for governor again in 2018; he'd like to join President Trump's administration to work on healthcare policy.

Next anchor Kyle Clark asked House about the state of the Republican Party in Colorado. He said the Colorado GOP needs a reboot, after about six decades with only one Republican as governor. 

Our full interview with House below: