How exactly do you look down on stars?

Well mountaineer Jim Davidson told us that as he climbed for the summit of Mount Everest in the dark, he saw a light in the distance. His first thought was that it was a village, but there weren't any villages there.

Finally, he realized he was looking down at a star that was at the level of the horizon.

"It really gives you a perspective on being very small on this earth," he said.

As for the mountain itself?

"It lived up to all its expectations," Davidson said.

It was harder and more of a grind than he thought it would be, but the last five days of pushing for the summit "lived up to the dream," he said.

He was at the top of Mount Everest for about 15 minutes. While he would have loved to take longer to soak it in, pragmatic considerations such as altitude sickness and weather forced him to make the trek down quickly.

Watch our interview with Jim, as he describes his journey, in the video above.


Fort Collins man completes lifelong dream, summits Mount Everest

Fort Collins mountaineer Jim Davidson returning to Everest