Beer writers are furiously working on stories wringing their hands over the potential demise of Denver's Great American Beer Festival.

Why? Because the festival sold out in four hours instead of one, obviously.

The Bacchanalian theme park of craft beer has been selling out in an hour and some change since 2015, when they enlarged the hall to hold even more people wearing pretzel necklaces, beards of various sort, and occasionally, costumes.

Specifically, it took 1 hour and 7 minutes to sell out last year, and 1 hour and 17 minutes in 2015.

Wednesday's ticket sellout happened in 4 hours and 15 minutes. GABF organizers tell Next the number of tickets was roughly the same; the purchase-rate was just a slower year.

GABF has sold out for the last seven years on Day 1.

I have my tickets.

See you there. (October 5-7, in case you need a reminder.)

I'll be the 30 something white guy with a beer - should be easy to spot.