The organizers of the 4/20 rally in downtown Denver have until Oct. 9 to submit their final arguments as to why, or why not, the group should be allowed to continue the event.

Denver banned those particular organizers from hosing the 4/20 rally for the next three years because of the trash left behind in Civic Center Park.

The organizers appealed, leading to a two-day hearing, with witnesses, that wrapped around noon on Wednesday.

The hearing officer has until Nov. 20 to make a final decision. If the losing party doesn’t like the ruling, that side can appeal to district court.

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According to Denver Parks and Rec, the organizers did apply for a permit to host the 4/20 rally, but the permit is on hold until the hearing officer makes a decision.

As Next has previously reported, someone else can host the 4/20 rally, even if these organizers do not.

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