Governor Hickenlooper, a Democrat, is working on a new health care plan with Ohio's Republican Governor John Kasich.

Judging by their recent media appearances, they want everyone to know about it. Flip on a TV and you're likely to see Hickenlooper or Kasich pushing their bipartisan plan.

See here, here, here, or here for examples of what we're talking about.

Monday, 9NEWS' Chris Vanderveen asked the governor how he responds when people claim there's a not so hidden agenda behind the Kasich - Hickenlooper relationship. The governor said:

"Every time I've ever taken on an initiative, and really pushed on something that I think really matters, people will say, 'He's got some hidden agenda. You're planning to run for Senate, or something like that.' It's not true. This is something that's really important. John Kasich and I have been talking about this for several months. I've been talking to a number of governors, and I thought it was important to talk to Republicans and Democrats because I think that's where our solution is going to come from."

The Governor mentioned to Chris that he may take a break from politics when his term runs out.

He said, he'd maybe like to run a business, or a foundation.

This may come up for discussion again.