A retired couple in Loveland has removed a controversial sign from their front yard more than a month after they erected the billboard in protest of their homeowners association.

Earlier this year, Richard and Colleen Stephens refused to remove a colonial American flag from their home after the Alford Meadows Community Association informed them the decoration violated community rules.

Instead, Richard Stephen, a 64-year-old Marine Corp. combat veteran, erected a bigger decoration: a large sign spelling out his distaste for the HOA.

In response, the HOA sued the Stephens to force them to take down the flag, as well as the sign.

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So, the Stephens hired a lawyer, Russell Sinnett.

“They're very pleasant people,” Sinnett said. “But when it came down to a fight about his flag and about their choice for landscaping their house or otherwise decorating their house, uh, he put his foot down. And when they got sued about it, I said, 'keep your foot there.'"

The dispute was settled out of court Wednesday night, just hours before a court hearing in the case.

Under the settlement, the Stephens get to keep their American flag up and agreed to take down their protest sign, which is what they wanted all along.